Cari Nolte Photography | Project 365 | January 2015

Project 365 | January 2015

January 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

I've committed myself, project 365, here I come.  A photo a day for a whole year.  The idea behind it for me is to get in the habit of pulling my camera out when I see something I want to photograph, but never do (for this reason or that).  I know it will be hard, but I'm excited to challenge myself.  I have lenses I'd like to better learn, and am excited to force myself to use them! 

My kids won't be this young forever and while they hate getting their photo taken, (you'll probably see a lot from behind), it is important for me to document these days.  The only way to relive these moments for me, is to have them in photographs.  I love lifestyle photography (documentary style with some direction, but real moments & real emotions), that is my passion and what I've set out to become better at

I have some goals and themes I'd like to accomplish with this project, but mainly for me, it is documenting our life how we're living it.  Trips to see grandma & grandpa, the seasons changing, playing new games...the simple day-to-day joys.  While I'll be bettering myself as a lifestyle photographer, I'm able to notice moments I want to capture, and using unique points of view while getting simple everyday nuances on camera.

Let's do this!  


Week 1

Jackson trying out his new robe after bath time

01-01-2015bw01-01-2015Jackson trying out his new robe from Santa

Chase so desperately wanting to get into our bedroom

01-02-201501-02-2015Not quite there yet ;-)

Squishy buns....I just love those cheeks :-)


Rainy day in the PNW and I was having a hard time with I ventured outdoors at nap time.

01-04-2014 Mossy Rain01-04-2014 Mossy Rain

Grady keeping watch...or just barking at anything that moves....including leaves in the wind >:{


That empty bullet, yeah it hit me right in the face.  


This was Chase's first time in rain boots!  He looked adorable, but had a really hard time walking.  He stayed close to daddy and "helped"


Week 2


Do you know what this is?  Another lull day, I was at my parents on the floor playing with Chase, thinking of what to shoot as the night kept getting later


The sunsetting right out my front door


The fun thing about living in the forest, is all of the neat vegetation...and mushrooms!  


I wanted to capture the feel of Winter...


I love tiny details, and I LOVE my boys' lashes!


"Just one game of Gold Fish before bed, K?"  One of Jackson's favorite games right now


Happy Birthday dada!  Jackson was in charge of picking out the cake :-D



Week 3

Jackson asked to nap with me, he cuddled with Grady the whole time.  I love sleeping babies


Chase thought these gloves he got were just hilarious, he had a lot of fun with grandma.


Chase adores Grady, so so much.  He hugs him every opportunity he gets...and even tries to ride him on occasion.


Another rainy day in the PNW...but we've been cooped up too long, the boys are, pulled out some washi tape and made a hopscotch board.  Got a little bit of energy out, not enough though.  sigh


The sun is shining!  And I noticed a few days ago my crocus bulbs were coming up!  It's early yet, but it made me happy!


Well, hello there shadow!  Chase's first time noticing his shadow


Chase thinks this baseball glove chair is the best thing ever made, he hangs out up there a lot of the day


Week 4

Chase loves his big brother.


I hadn't been feeling good and as soon as the kids went to bed, I did too....about 10 pm, I asked my hubby to get my camera, come hell or high water, I'm not missing a day!  This is on my nightstand, 3 inches from me...but it's my favorite necklace and my photo notebook, so it worked out


Morning walk at the park.  I've always wanted a photo of this's just a nice tree ;-)


As I'm lying in the middle of the road, my parents drive up, "what in the world are you doing?" 

"Oh just getting my daily photo...I thought the fog was neat...."


Little hands, but a BIG imagination 01-26-201501-26-2015

On our way up to the Great Wolf Lodge, we stopped for lunch and this neat building was across the street, so I grabbed an iPhone pic 


We just got home from our quick trip and Grady is thrilled we're home!


Week 5

One of Jackson's favorite pastimes is coloring....I could stack his drawings to the ceiling


I've been loving these foggy mornings...I'd prefer sunshine, but fog is fun too ;-)


I want to get better with my Lensbaby lens, it has such a neat just need simple subjects




Love these. Good for you. I wish I had captured moments when you kids were growing up
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