Cari Nolte Photography | Testimonials

"When we were looking for a photographer, Cari's name kept coming up and from different sets of people who didn't even know each other! We are so glad to have picked her 4 years ago! She has captured every moment since then for our growing family from maternity photos to newborn photos and now family photos and she does a great job every time! I love that she shoots where you want her...we've done our own house, in our neighborhood and at various parks. She captures real moments and we cherish those un-posed photos the most! We always recommend Cari when anyone asks!"  - Ashlee C


"Oh my god they are amazing!!!!!! I'm so glad I got a hold of you for these!!!! I love them all, and thank you so much for doing these for us!!" - Rachel M


"Oh my goodness, Cari! I love these images of Lily and the family! THANK YOU!" - Kari M


"Cari took some headshots I needed for work and did amazing!! She made me feel super comfortable and was so easy to work with. She asked me questions about the side of my face I favor in pictures, positioned me in flattering angles and scouted locations outside where the coloring of the natural landscape would compliment my eyes and skin tone. She paid attention to all the details, listened when I voiced my insecurities and made me feel beautiful. I am so grateful and can't wait to work with her again!!" - Kristen P


Cari is the best! Her photos are stunning and she's so much fun to work with! - Stephanie A


Cari was super professional and great to work with! She seemed to be everywhere all at once capturing every moment! - Kim B


We haven't even seen the pictures yet, (which I know will be amazing), but Cari was like a photo ninja at our wedding! She was everywhere, and worked so hard! We had MANY guests come up to us and tell us how amazing our photographer was, because they saw her everywhere all at once, and she was so sweet and kind to everyone. Thank you Cari. You are truly amazing.  - Lynn S


The best photographer! I highly recommend her, amazing work! - Margaret M


She is the best photographer I have encountered. We have a family of 6 and she captures every moment in each picture. We always have a hard time narrowing down our selections because of the amazing shots she takes. She is not just a great photographer, but a great person. She seems to have that personality each of my kids love. She knows how to get my kids to take beautiful pictures. I highly recommend her for all of your events. - Arlette S


So talented and very personable! Love my photos! - Ashley P


Cari is great! She did both our maternity and newborn pictures and her work is just superb. She makes you feel very comfortable and manages to get tons of great shots every single time. She is very personable and easy to work with. - Amanda V


Cari took newborn photos of our son, and she did such an amazing job. She was so patient, working with both a newborn and a toddler, and the photos turned out amazing. I can't recommend her enough. - Stephanie T


Cari took photos of my family and I was amazed at what she was able to capture. My boys were not in the picture taking mood that day, so I left thinking that it had to have been a flop. My boys were being difficult that day but Cari had the best attitude. She was encouraging and kind with me,  fun and playful with my kids, and somehow at the same time, taking amazing pictures. When we saw the pictures a few days later, my husband and I were shocked. They were incredible! She captured my boys' little personalities perfectly. I don't know how she did it, but she was able to get countless photos that I fell in love with.  I remember telling my husband that I would be happy with just one or two good photos. I ended up with SO many to choose from! I had a really hard time narrowing it down to may favorites. Several are hanging in my house and I constantly get comments about them. I'm so grateful Cari was able to somehow capture all the best moments in that day. She has great instincts! I highly recommend her! - Sarah P


"Cari, these pictures are so beautiful - you are truly an amazing photographer. We can't thank you enough!" - Jennifer O


"YOU are AMAZING!! Thank you so so much!! You are a true artist! This collaboration was incredible! Can't wait to do it again!! - Michelle 


"The photos are amazing! You do such an incredible job!!! Thank you so much." - Sara A